SlimmingEndermologie Treatment in Haringey, North London

Many people who experience dramatic weight loss are left with sagging, excess skin. During Endermologie, however, the elasticity of your skin will be restored, ensuring that it adapts to the change in your body. Endermologie is a body shaping and slimming treatment that we offer at our clinic in Haringey, London, and is ideal to eliminate fat retention, cellulite, and loose skin.

Choosing Endermologie

Endermologie is the first non-surgical cellulite treatment to be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. It involves wearing a special costume and having a massage completed on a specific area - anywhere from the stomach to arms and legs. There are no dramatic side effects to the treatment, however light bruising may be evident. It is beneficial to carry out the treatment across several sessions in order to see the best results.

Single or Multiple Sessions

Usually, the treatment takes place for half an hour, at a cost of roughly £70. However, similarly to our facials, as a heavily discounted offer for customers that would like to book regular treatment, we offer six sessions for just £250.

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